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Our Childcare Plans

The care plans at the Salsbury Family Childcare were created with our children and their families’ needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. Take a look below to learn what schedule works for your family.
*Alternative schedules are possible depending on availability


Full Time  M - F



5 days/week care for busy families. Children have the most time to learn, play, make connections, and thrive on daily reading, art, games, manipulative play, songs, and outdoor time.

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Part Time M/W/F



3 days/week care for families who need a more flexible schedule. Children will enjoy having lots of time to play with their friend and learn through reading, art, games, puzzles, and outdoor fun.

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Part Time T/Th



2 days/week care for families who want to supplement their child's week with 2 days of fun and learning with us. Art, books, games, songs, and outdoor play keep the children happy and learning all day.

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